Please help me beautify this corner lot property; Zone 8b Seattle area

I recently bought my first home and I'd like to create an outdoor sanctuary on this corner lot. The lot layout is a little strange and it's a blank canvas. Album here

The house faces north and there isn't a designated backyard.

I'd love a lot of flowers, herbs, and trees that attract lots of bees and butterflies (e.g. lupines, peonies, gladiolus, ranunculus, roses, lavender, rosemary, dogwoods, cherry blossoms, etc.)

I'm planning on making it more private by putting up a wooden fence around the property. I'm not sure what style of fence would look best. Any ideas?

Any other ideas or suggestions to improve this lot would be helpful.

I'm not super experienced and could use some help with the basics.

There isn't much of a budget. This will cost an arm and leg. It'll be a process, but I want to do it right.

Thank you so much!

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