A herniaria glabra lawn, anything I should know?

After deciding I hate mowing and also grass, I've spent the last (roughly) 4 months completely demolishing the bermuda filled front yard with Roundup and a shovel. Half of it anyway.


That said, I've toyed with some groundcovers, but hot and humid summer days (8b, near San Antonio, tx) really make me wish that plant hardiness ratings included upper temperature limits as well.


After doing some research, I bought a flat of 72 herniaria glabra plugs for like 50 bucks to test on the walkways. Everything I've read about it points towards it's being a perfect grass replacement . . . if you've got patience. They should be arriving within the week.


Just wondering if anybody has any experience with these plants, if there's any quirks about their care I might not have read, whether they'll really provide adequate fill over the course of 12 to 16 months, and if I should think about planting something in with them as well to increase the fill in. Also, while everything says they're slow-growing, nothing gives me an estimate of month over month or year over year growth.


The area they'll be planted:


Where there used to be a 15' x 50' flat grassy nothing on one side of the sidewalk (that splits the north-northeast facing front yard) there's now a raised bed succulent garden. Bordering that is a raised and compost-mulched 4' x 10' dirt walkway that leads off the sidewalk and t-intersections with another similar walkway. the latter walkway runs the length of the yard towards the street, ending in a 15' diameter circle with a desert rose in the center.


If the walkways work well, and the plants seem to thrive, I'd want to buy another flat or two for the circle. I'm going in blindly hopeful.

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