Landscape design examples of “borrowed scenery” or shakkei?

I'm looking for examples backyards that have prioritized "borrowed scenery" or the Japanese idea of shakkei to draw inspiration for my own yard.

Specifically, I'm looking for yards designs that are maybe fenceless and utilized the neighboring landscape to serve as a backdrop for the property landscaping, or drew from the surrounding natural elements in terms of hardscaping or plants for the yard.

I have a yard with a great view and I'm trying to get some ideas.

One really beautiful example I found was the Jones Road project in Illinois by Adam Woodruff. Like my own home in Northern California, it seems that this home was surrounded by tall prairie like grass that is green in the rainy cool season and turns golden in the summer. They did a wonderful job of integrating the surrounding area to where you cannot even tell where the property ends and the open area begins, because it all complements. Here are the pictures.

I'm looking for more projects that accomplish that. Has anyone seen anything that they can recommend?

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