Relatively new homeowner, need help with lawn

Southern homeowner here, in Georgia on a suburb outside of Atlanta. Bought our house little over a year ago, the yard has been ok but I've never been terribly happy with it. I have pretty limited knowledge when it comes to grass besides the fact that it needs to be watered and mowed.

We have some form of Bermuda, sod. To my knowledge the builder just dropped it straight onto GA clay, don't believe they used topsoil or anything like that. The soil in our neighborhood is extremely dry and very very rocky. As a whole the yard isn't too bad, but I would love for it to be lush and thick, and most importantly green.

Currently it is suffering from a good bit of brown areas- I can't tell if these are "dead" spots or what. There are also a number of just straight up bare spots, and I'm not sure what to do with those. I've tried messing with the scott's ez seed, and it seems to grow somewhat, but I've found it to be extremely inconsistent, and if we have a hard rain come through, it washes a lot of it away. There are other areas that are very "thin" I suppose I would describe it. There's technically grass there but you can see the dirt easily, and it's just not nice and thick like I'd like it.

There is a guy in our neighborhood with the same grass, and his yard looks like a golf course. So I know that it's possible in our area, I just really don't know much about how to go about doing it. Pictures are attached and any advice is very much appreciated. Sorry for the long post.

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