Decor Hacks to Add Style to Your Bathroom

With just a few simple touches and minimal expense, you can quickly and almost effortlessly style your bathroom. In this post, I’m going to share a few designer decor hacks to add style to your bathroom.

Photo by Inspired by Charm

If you follow my blog, Inspired by Charm, then it won’t be news to you. that I started a new chapter in my life last month when I moved to the big city. (And by “big city,” I mean Pittsburgh, PA.) My life was begging for a change so that’s what I gave it.

This is such an exciting transition for me because it has also opened up a new way of decorating. For the past eight years, I lived in an older single-family home which I own. Now I’m in a new loft-style apartment which I rent. As I decorate this new space in a new way, I’m excited to share my adventure with you.

Photo by Inspired by Charm

I am lucky that my apartment has two bathrooms: a master bathroom and one for guests. Although I’ve only been here a few weeks, I’ve been able to give my guest bathroom style, function and a bit of beauty with a few simple hacks. Whether you live in an older home or a brand new apartment, I hope that you can use a few of these decor tricks to give your bathroom a stylish and functional makeover.

Add a Seat (and Storage)
My guest bathroom is just large enough so that there is some floor space where I can add a little decorating moment and create a bit of extra storage. I found this cool basket stool at HomeGoods and thought it would be perfect for the space. Not only does the stool add texture and life to an otherwise plain space, but it doubles as a seat, or as I’ve used it, a side table for decorative and functional accessories.

Photo by Inspired by Charm

What I love most about this particular piece is that the top is removable. This is a place for storing extra towels for guests. When you’re decorating a smaller space, having things that serve multiple purposes is truly a plus.

Photo by Inspired by Charm

Photo by Inspired by Charm

If you can’t find something exactly like this, get creative! Use a large basket and top it with a serving tray for the same functionality.

Mix up Your Towels
When I’m setting up a bathroom for guests, I think about how a hotel might do it while still creating a homey vibe. That means providing a full bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth (at least one per guest). Not only is this a nice gesture, but layering towels like this on a towel bar creates a luxurious look.

Photo by Inspired by Charm

I also recommend not buying complete sets when shopping for bath linens. Here, I gathered up a selection of towels in colors that worked well together. Pulling together different colors and styles helps to create a more collected and comforting look.  HomeGoods had a large selection to choose from, which made it easier to get the look I was going for.

Photo by Inspired by Charm

Try Large Art
When decorating small rooms, people tend to think they need smaller accessories. That logic makes total sense, however, I suggest trying a larger piece of art to make a big and bold statement.

Photo by Inspired by Charm

For my guest bath, I found this cactus print which I totally loved. It actually helped to inspire my color scheme for the space and gave the room instant style and character. Plus, one large piece keeps things from looking cluttered. Perfect for a small bathroom.

Unique Containers
Having a few stylish containers in a bathroom is a must. You need a place to store things like cotton swabs and bath soap. While there are specific containers designed to serve this purpose, I tend to find them a bit basic. Add interest and character to your bathroom by shopping for unique vessels outside of the bath department. Here, I used a gold lantern to create storage for bath bombs.

Photo by Inspired by Charm

Bonus Tip: Bath bombs are wonderful bathroom accessories. Not only do they look stylish and unique piled into a bowl, but they also add a beautiful scent to your space.

Photo by Inspired by Charm

For cotton swabs and balls, I used this vintage-looking sugar and creamer. I love that it’s so unexpected and stylish while still serving a purpose.

Finally, skip the cheap plastic garbage can and buy a basket instead. Most likely it will cost you less, all the while adding texture and warmth to your space.

Finish with Botanicals
Unfortunately, my bathroom doesn’t have a window. Therefore adding a live plant (which would be my first option) just isn’t going to work.

Photo by Inspired by Charm

Instead, I used two matching bud vases and tucked in a few flowers. It’s really that simple. Bathrooms usually have lots of hard lines and surfaces. Adding a live plant or flowers keeps the space from looking institutional.

Photo by Inspired by Charm

If you’d prefer to go the live plant route, but don’t have windows, it is still possible. Just buy two plants. Place one in a sunny location and one in your bathroom. Swap them out every week or so to keep them alive.

Photo by Inspired by Charm

I hope you enjoyed this first look at my new bathroom and picked up an idea or two for styling your own.

Michael Wurm Jr. is a paid blogger and founder of the popular lifestyle blog, Inspired by Charm, where he shares his love for a decorated life. Whether it’s ideas for easy decorating, a delicious recipe, entertaining inspiration, or a unique DIY project, his goal is to provide tools and tips for everyone to live a happy, colorful life. You can also find Michael on InstagramPinterestFacebook, and Twitter


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