Need tree recommendation

SF Bay California, coastal Zone 9a/9b, clay soil

I live in a neighborhood where we are all required to have at least 1 tree in our front yards. Everyone has ash trees that the builder put in when the community was built, unless they had to replace the tree for one reason or another. I just removed our ash tree and would like to plant a new tree. Can you recommend a tree that would look good with our house and offer at least 3 seasonal interest. I will be pulling out the grass in a month and putting in a drought friendly perennial bed on both sides.

Here are the pictures.

My short list so far:

  1. Magnolia: great winter blooms, pretty flowers, a lot of the neighbors who have gotten rid of their ash tress have these (cons: won't complement the "prairie perennial bed " I plan on putting in where the grass is)

Gingko: nice fall foliage but not much when no leaves

Fig Trees, 1 on either side: fruit! the white branches have good visual impact without leaves as well. The fig trees I've seen in coastal LA don't seem to get too big.

Serviceberry: great color in spring, summer, fall, berries for birds

What else should I consider?

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