Is it getting too hot to hydroseed?

Hello all, my wife and I have been having a blast planning all of the landscaping for our entire yard (.24 acres). We're getting really close to being ready for hydroseeding (found a nice drought tolerant mix that a company will spray for us), but we are worried that it is getting too hot to hydroseed.

One company that I spoke with said they hydroseed April through September, but I am wondering if they are just trying to sell me a product rather than worry about how well the lawn will come in if it's too hot.

We live in northern-ish Utah where it gets pretty hot during the day. Most of next week will be in the 90s, and one day will get up to 100. I'm guessing the next month will be in the 90s just about every day. This is a new house, and the only shade is coming from the house and 8 trees that we planted last fall.

I've been doing lots of reading online, and some say it's fine to seed in those temperatures as long as I water it more often. Some say the heat helps the seed germinate quicker. Some say it doesn't germinate in the heat. Some say the heat puts too much stress on the seed. I don't know what to believe right now, any advice?

I'm just finishing up installing the sprinkler system, and I could hydroseed within the next week or so. Is that going to be too hot?

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