Zone 8B – NW Florida – New empty backyard needing privacy and beautification

I would greatly appreciate advice and suggestions: I am a first time homeowner with a new-construction home in Northwest Florida (Zone 8B) and after lurking your subreddit for a few weeks I'm interested in making my backyard more private and beautiful. You can see that it is a blank slate in its current form:

The back corner of our house/yard faces a cul-de-sac, allowing neighbors to look directly into the yard/patio area, even from their first floor (despite the fence, due to terrain) thus the desire for privacy.

In order to make it more private, I was planning on planting crape myrtles in each corner of the backyard, and a row of something like emerald green arborvitae along the back length of the fence between the two crape myrtles. Is this a good plan for privacy, both in function and looks?

In front of the screening trees, I would like to plant beds with shrubs, flowers, etc. I know it's later in the season, but I was hoping to at least knock out the planting that will allow the screening trees to start growing, but would appreciate suggestions for the beds regardless.

Pertinent info: Back length of fence is 66 feet, Sandy-ish soil, full sun in backyard, backyard is on northeast side of house, and I'm new to landscaping but a quick learner and not afraid to dive right in. Thank you!

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