Looking for some advice for getting grass in our backyard, currently filled with weeds, mud and georgia clay. (pictures in description)

We bought a new house last summer, previous owners had not been to their backyard for years. It was very overgrown with bushes and weeds. We cleared it up quite a bit, and tried getting some grass there earlier this year. We spread some grass seeds in a fairly muddy area, but after growing for a while it all died after a few weeks. I have no gardening experience, and was hoping someone would give me some advice on how to get started with this project.

I am thinking we might need to kill the entire lawn area, but not sure. If we do need to do that, any advice on how best to do so?

We are located in southern US, should have quite a few months of summer ahead. The house is placed on a hill, so on the sides of the house we have some issues with erosion as it rains really heavily when it first rains here. We have come to terms with having the side of the yard without a retaining wall looking shabby for now, and would like to focus on the main area in the backyard. The area we want grass is about 35 x 35 feet.

Here's a link to some pictures I took, if more pictures are needed for you to get a better idea of the project let me know and I'll take some more from whatever angle you feel is needed.

I am willing to put in quite some time and effort over the summer, but it is a low budget project.


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