Question of sun/shade and tree planting.


I am planting a tree on the north side of my home. Our yard is small so I was looking for something that won't get large.

I think I have decided on a globe blue spruce that is 6 feet wide, 8 feet tall at full size. It's also zone a zone 2b tree and we live in zone 3, so I thought it should be hardy enough. I wanted to be extra cautious since we have north and it's fairly exposed in the winter.

My question is… it's a full sun to part shade tree and how does this actually work? The way the sun comes over our home would put the front half the tree in part shade to full sun and the back half of the tree would be in full shade to part shade.

Is this actually such a technical thing? Am I overthinking it? Will the extra sun exposure the front part of the tree receives balance out what the backside of the tree lacks? I'm unsure if photosynthesis works for the tree as a whole, or for each individual pine needle/branch?

Thank you!

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