Landscaper troubles :(

Hi all,

So I'm trying to figure out how bad this landscaper is screwing me over and was hoping to get some outside perspective. So here's the story:

I had three landscapers quote me a pretty large amount of work. I need stumps removed and a bunch of re grading/loam/seed. I ended up choosing the guy with the highest quote as he seemed more professional than the others and his quote included a bit more than the others.

First day of work. He shows up with his crew. First thing they realize is they need a bigger excavator to remove one of the stumps. He informs me if I want the stump gone it's an additional $350. I'm not happy and he agrees to tweak his cost on other things so it's only really an additional $200. Whatever I guess, still not happy and I make him aware of that. I go back inside and let them do their thing.

A couple hours go by and I get a text from the owner who says there has been a miss communication and I need to go outside and chat with his foreman, since the owner (the one who quoted me) has not been there. Turns out the foreman thought I was quoted on ripping up my whole front lawn loaming/seeding so I then call the owner. He informs me that the foreman was under the impression that's what I wanted and that would be an addition $800-900, so that puts me about $1200 over an estimated $2300.

I get on the phone with the owner again and explain how upset I am and he says he will see what he can do. I mean at this point I have no lawn so I need loam and seed 😦 He works some numbers and says he is able to get everything done for $3150 so $850 over the estimate. I again tell him how shitty I think this all is.

Not sure what to do from here. My fear is if I refuse to pay anything over the estimate, which is what I want to do, he will just pack up and leave. It took 6 weeks to get him out in the first place and I know other landscapers are slammed right now as well. To make matters worse he is only half done so I have a giant pile of dirt in the front yard.

Please help 😦 any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Tldr: landscaper is saying the work will be $850 over his estimate of $2300 and I'm not sure what to do 😦

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