I don’t like big bushes

I bought a house about a year ago, and I try to take care of my own yard to save a few bucks and because I enjoy it. I think I mostly do a pretty good job, but there is the issue of the nightmare bushes living in my yard.

I live in middle Tennessee, most of these plants reside on the east side of my house. We get a pretty good amount of rain. These things grow like nobodies business.


I know I should invest in a pole trimmer / saw thing, but I've been on a pretty tight budget lately. Even when I've borrowed a pole It's nearly impossible to trim these because some of them are a solid 12' tall and 8' deep. One hedge is only about 5' but it's about 8 feet across against a wall.

They grow so large they block a couple of windows (which causes issues with frames rotting) and block flood lights.

Does anyone have any advice to save me from their monstrous growth? I would love to pluck them right out of the ground and replace them with something manageable but that sounds expensive and my wife "kind of likes them"

I would really appreciate any ideas.

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