What would you do for erosion control?

I have a steep sunny hill behind the south side of my house that gets zero shade. Erosion is a big concern and I already see ruts beginning to run through from the rain. We're located in zone 5a and the soil is hard clay.

We are thinking of planting Indian grass or some other tall grasses. Creeping juniper has also been considered, but I'm unsure if it will spread as much as I'd like. Periwinkle was a front runner until I learned of its invasiveness. There are trees behind us and to one side and would hate for it to get out of control.

It is too costly to cover the entire slope with plants at once so I'm hoping to just focus on the rutted areas now and then slowly fill in the rest each year. Low maintenance is a must.

What would you do? Is this the best approach? Will this look weird to just have a few planted areas? slope

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