How to keep this annoying tree from filling my yard with saplings?

So my wife and I moved into this adorable rental house about a year ago and there is a tree in the front yard that is becoming a pain in the butt as I try to keep the yard looking alright. I'm not sure what kind of tree it is, but it has seemingly coated both my yard, and my neighbors yard with its saplings and no matter how many we've pulled up so far this summer they keep coming back. I'm not sure what I can do to try to stop this from happening without also killing all the beautiful flowers and other plants we do want around. Here's a quick little gallery of the culprit.

I have already yanked up probably 40 damn saplings so far this summer and these ones pictured here are ones that have appeared in just the last week and a half or so. When I last mowed the lawn a few weeks back I went around and pulled up any that I could see, it's rained a fair bit since then and now they are back in full force it seems. What can I do to help prevent these from taking over my yard and save me from having to constantly be sniping this little buggers wherever they spring up the entire season?

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

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