Landlord hired a friend to make a garden and it’s now overgrown with crabgrass (x-post from r/gardening)

Location: Queens, NY. Zone 7b. Southern exposure with not much shade

Plants in question, with pic's of my plants (all plants were bought at Home Depot): Pansies, Marigold's, Cockscomb, rose bush, an evergreen, and this tree my neighbor said the tree had to be moved at least two feet for more room?

I have no idea what I'm doing, the only gardening knowledge I have is what my father taught me 30 years ago.

this is a private house with a small front yard which used to just have mulch for a lawn. She (my landlord) hired a friend to put some plants and a couple of trees/bushes which have become overrun with crabgrass. no weed barrier and he put about 1 inch of potting soil over the whole yard and she wants me to fix it. she doesn't have the money for a landscaper and I want the place to look good. Here's some pic's after he finished and heres some pics after I filled two trash bags pulling grass.

I got permission to dig the plants up and dig the grass out. so yesterday I dug up the small side, replanted the plants and put weed blocker down. I dug a hole about twice the size of the root ball and used a couple of handfuls of potting soil per plant, I did not touch the evergreen or Rose bush.

Today I will wait for Reddit before I dig up the other side. Am I doing anything right because the plants i replanted yesterday seem to be in worse shape this morning

Thank You

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