What can I do to make my backyard more livable?

Hello all!

I was wondering if anyone could give me any suggestions on how I can make my backyard livable. I live in zone 8a and the backyard gets moderate-low sunlight daily. I'm willing to do this myself if it doesn't seem too extravagant. I'd like to keep the cost below $1000. I would also like something easy to maintain and I don't need anything other than grass (or alternative) and a big pine straw island. I also have an active dog!

Photos of the yard

As you can see, there is a lot of ground ivy in the "brush" area. Eventually I want that all to be pine straw but I have no idea how to tackle such a huge area.

For the area that isn't the pine island, I'd like grass! Any kind is fine – as long as it's easy to maintain and probably drought resistant. Whether I seed or sod, I have not decided and I'd like some insight as to what might work best. I will note that when it rains, there is usually a pool/puddle near the back left part of the fence.

I hope this is enough information! Thank you guys!

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