Half an Acre of Hard Work (Weeds)

Hello all,

I live in tropical Asia, out in the countryside (among forests and farms). Fighting nature ain't easy, especially here.

Got about half an acre of weeds. Really tired of brush-cutting it.

We have lots of fruit trees n stuff, but we also have a large area where weeds grow.

We don't really want to have trees on 100% of this area. It would be nice to have some open space.

We could bring a tractor in to turn the soil over periodically, but its not ideal. We could burn it periodically, but don't want to start a huge uncontrollable fire. I am not really interested in chemicals.

I like the sound of ground cover, mulching, or some other non-toxic solution.

I'd be happy with a ground cover crop which is less irritating than the huge variety of super tall weeds we get. I'd be happy with bare earth too.

Any ideas?

People here tend to just burn and brush-cut (or just turn it into a rice paddy).

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