New Landscaping isn’t taking… need some advice (Chicago)

Tried posting this over in gardening and got one response – hoping to get some more advice in here.

Hi all – I recently had some landscaping done and some new plants brought in – boxwood bushes, hydrangea, redhot pokers, and some others which I can't recall at the moment.

The hydrangea are being fairly picky and I'm not sure if it's my care, or the soil. The flower clusters near the soil are wilting and yellowing, but there is new growth near the top. If I don't water daily, the entire plant wilts, but the soil is still consistently moist at all times.

The soil is extremely tacky and clay-like, appears to be compacted.

I'm beginning to wonder if the landscapers didn't quite know what they were doing with the soil, and didn't properly condition it before planting.

Appreciate any advice on how not to kill my garden!

Update from yesterday – I didn't water for a day as per advice: So after not watering for 24 hours, about 1/4 of the flowers on each plant have dried up and fallen off and all of the remaining flowers have drooped to the ground. A number of the green leaves have also dried at the tips. The soil is still moist and clumpy as pictured from yesterday. The new growth on the one plant pictured yesterday has also shriveled up and dried.

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