I have a problem with my yard (sinkhole) and not sure where to go from here. (x-post /r/lawncare)

My wife and I just purchased a home 2-3 months ago. In the back left corner, there is a drain that leads a pipe across our yard and out to the right. The home inspector had said it was a drain, but that was that. Fast forward to this weekend and I had noticed a sinkhole (about 1 foot or so) had opened up near the line the pipe takes (I don't know for sure where the pipe is). After looking at it, it's much larger than it looks. I couldn't really see how deep it goes, but the sun was out and I didn't really want to push my luck while on top of a sinkhole. Here is a full album of pictures. Any help on where to go from here would be appreciated.

Also worth mentioning, the neighbors have all had problems with sinkholes due to the contractors that built all the houses several years ago. Apparently, they had large holes and filled them with trash instead of dirt. They mentioned the guy living here before us, had problems with drainage and had done a full project to fix everything. None of this we knew before purchasing the house.

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