Decomposed granite for landscaping

Hi all. I am an absolute newbie with anything having to do with landscaping so apologies in advance if this has been asked/answered previously.

Question is: What are the steps I need to take to lay down DG for landscaping purposes only?

All of the answers I've seen have been re: walkways and driveways, NOT simply landscaping to look nice. They mention the required 6"-8" required for gravel/sheeting, but I'm not sure if this depth is for standard drainage or because it will be walked on/driven on.

As a follow up, and advice for someone who is embarking on this journey for the first time would be much appreciated! I am embarking on this project because of out of control weeds where we have some previously applied weed fabric & mulch. I live in San Diego and want to get on the low-water train as well as make things look better aesthetically.

Thank you in advance for your knowledge!

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