Some guidance on permeable pavers

We have been planning a remodel of our yard for over a year now, due to permits, a lazy contractor, etc etc. We have now submitted our plans via an architect to the town and they came back indicating we would need 2 dry wells installed. The contractor returned with that being a 6500$ charge. Naturally we are now looking at other options.

We had originally chosen a bluestone paver system, but are now looking into permeable pavers to try and avoid installation of the drywells. Our contractor responded with "Basically, the way “environmental” pavers achieve the drainage criteria is by having a large space between the pavers, and then a “very” permeable system of gravel below. It has almost always been my experience the customers do not like the large gaps between the pavers or the grass and or weeds that subsequently grow there later."

I'm having a hard time finding resources online of the advantages and disadvantages of these permeable paver systems vs a dry well. Is weed/grass growth really that significant? Is it 6500$ significant??

This is a project for my elderly parents house. There is no capacity for DIY, and we are very disappointed yet another summer is going to go by with no resolve. We've had 10s of thousands of dollars tied up in material cost since at least October, and this new demand for such a significant cost (that was never brought up as a possibility before now) is a bit hard to swallow.

For some reference we were looking at these (1, 2, 3, mostly because they're the only ones we found). I'd appreciate any one who has some experience using these materials or who just knows more than us on the topic.

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