What to do about cicada killers?

I have quite the cicada killer problem this summer. They just appeared last week but already have made at least 5 nests on my property. I know they won't sting me but I have what is bordering on a phobia of insects and they terrify me. They love to hang out by my front door and it makes it incredibly scary for me to leave my house. I know it sounds ridiculous!!! And I wish I weren't so scared. I just can't help it.

I don't want to kill them, I just want them to go somewhere else! I've tried going out during the day and flooding their nests but they just rebuild within an hour. Is there anything else I can do to get them off my property without killing them all? I haven't heard any cicadas this year, which is strange and I'm wondering what they're even eating…

Also, has anyone experienced them scaring away birds? I feel like my birds are resistant to eat at my feeders ever since the cicada killers started buzzing around!

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