Figuring out what to plant in GA Clay to control erosion

I live in Georgia (USA), about 45 minutes Northwest of Atlanta. My backyard is mostly Ga clay with partial to full sun. Right now I'm fighting a never-ending battle against weeds coming up. I have a hill that is basically tiered off into two sections by 2 retaining walls. One borders the flat of my backyard and the other is a few feet back and above it blocking off the slope of the hill. Right now I have pine straw down but weeds keep pressing through it. My thought is to put mulch down around some possible ground cover or shrubs to not only keep the hill looking nice, but to keep out weeds and control any possible erosion which could mess with the walls I have in place.

I've looked around on the Google machine and come across a few plants like baptisia, bellflower, and aster. If you good people could give me a few ideas as to what I can do with this space so weeds don't take it over I would really appreciate it.

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