Need advice! Grade or small retaining wall around shed slab?

Just had a slab poured for a shed I'm working on. Shed will be 10×14 and slab was poured 10×16 to allow for 2' front apron.

Due to grade in my yard, they needed to bring in more rock than expected to get it level. I need to build a retaining wall on 3 sides or grade it with soil and sod,so the rock below the slab doesn't erode. Plan to do this ASAP so its done and I can focus on the shed before winter.

At the back, it's 19" high from slab top to grass. At the sides it will go from 19" to 10". Obviously don't need to grade it all the way to the top of the slab though, 6" below would be ok I think.

I have about 6' on one side before I run into the property line. Other side it wide open. Back I only have about 4' before running into a steeper slope. I want to ensure the rock under the slab doesn't erode away, not sure how to best do this.

Should I do a small retaining wall on 3 sides or gradually grade it out with a bunch of soil (3-4 yards I think) and sod over.?



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