Electric Lawnmower/Snowblower with interchangeable batteries?

I have a small yard (about 200 sqft), a 3 car driveway and a walkway that's about 20 feet long.

For snow removal, I was trying to get away with a power shovel, but it was just not getting it done in New England blizzard conditions, so I'd like to get a more legit snowblower. My property is small enough that I wouldn't worry about electric range and I love the idea of not keeping a gasoline can hanging around if I can avoid it. Also I would prefer not to deal with an extension cord for charging stuff, since my shed isn't wired right now.

In case I decide to upgrade to a power mower, is there some brand I should look out for that makes electric snowblowers and lawnmowers that use interchangeable electric batteries? Or is there a standardized battery of any sort? I can deal with having two different systems, but to streamline would be nice.

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