Recommendations for sewer/drain snake

Not sure if this the right subreddit to post this question so if not please point me in the direction. I have an outdoor residential drainage system that I need to clean out, it's mainly full of dirt and sediment runoff I believe. We have a single twelve inch box drain in the backyard that connects to the system and each of the gutter downspouts run into the system also (at least I think they do). There's also a small four inch round drain in the side yard that's inline with the main line and the entire system terminates at the curb.

I've been looking at renting a sewer snake for a few days to take care of it and wanted to see if anyone has any recommendations or service. I've never done it before and it's probably going to be a PITA but I'm reasonably mechanically inclined and honestly it stresses me out if I pay someone to do it for me. I've been researching 3/4 by 100' electric snakes, I've measured out the probable distance from the box drain in the back (what I believe is the farthest point in the system) to the four inch drain, that distance is almost 100'; from the four inch drain to the street is less than sixty feet. Thanks!

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