What kind of shrub would you recommend for my needs

Three years ago, I let a landscaper talk me into planting climbing rose bushes around my yard. They provide zero privacy and are quite high maintenance. The roses are pretty but I'm mad I shelled out for David Austin roses (the biggest ones I could find) and didn't get the desired effect at all.

I have 30 or so of these around my yard and I'd like to replace them all over time. I live in the Denver Metro area, when I type in my zip code it says I'm in zone 5b. The coldest I have seen in the last few years is -9 F, if that helps. We get hail here and sometimes it can get super windy.

I have two dogs (so it has to be dog safe), and all my neighbors have dogs and when they see each other they all start barking. I'd like to get thick border plants to curb this, and also for privacy.

I'm torn between something that looks pretty (have flowers or berries) vs something evergreen. As long as the branches are thick, I can live with not evergreen I think. I was considering the American cranberry bush, I think they look very pretty and it looks like they can grow very thick and big. Is this a good option? Some areas along the border get good sun and some don't. I don't care if I don't get a ton of berries. Some would be nice, but I'm more concerned about aesthetics/ privacy.

Anyone got any recommendations?

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