Advice on installing artificial turf

My Garden

I’m looking for some advice if my plan for laying artificial turf will work. I want to cover most the garden in artificial turf and raise it up as well. It won’t be go down for sometime as I have to save the money first. So I can take my time in the prep.

I have been told to remove the old grass with a turf cutter and make a base using type 1 mot and builders sharp sand.

Now onto my plan. I was thinking to save labour and the cost to a turf cutter, skip to remove the old grass, and the cost of fresh soil to replace what I removed as I want the garden raised.

To use weed killer on the grass a few time over a month.
Then use a rotavator to turn all the grass and the other parts of the garden. Pull all the large roots I can see.
Rake the garden level. Add more weed killer. Cover everywhere with a weed membrane. Then add 20 tons of type mot onto the weed membrane to a depth of 50mm. Top with sharp sand. Then another weed membrane. The the artificial grass.

My hope here is by doing this I save time on the labour and raise the garden at the same time. Every step by step I have read of installing artificial turf, they remove the old grass, but they are installing the same day as well. Is there any reason my plan wouldn’t work? Given the old turf is going to be weed killed, turned, covered with a membrane then buried under type 1 mot and another membrane.

I really appreciate any advice given.

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