New here, would greatly appreciate ya’lls DIY advice.

I need some advice on deciding how to landscape around my home. I don't know what these plants are but know that I do not like the way they look. My instinct is to rip it all out (if I can save the rose bush I will) and just lay down mulch. But how could I improve overall curb appeal a different way than just a basic flower bed? If I do resort to a flower bed then I would use plants that promote pollinators.

Location: Upstate New York, a mix of zones 5a and 5b

Soil Condition: Loamy, I think.

Directions: the front of the house faces East, the right side of the house faces South with the South side getting full-sunshine all day.

Budget: Willing to wiggle not too much more than $100 up front for a first phase, however willing to spend more if the right vision presents itself.

Experience: Just starting into landscaping, however I tend a backyard vegetable garden so I'm not green when it comes to getting my hands dirty.

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