Soggy yard, how can I best connect to existing drainpipe?

Hello everyone, So, I own a small townhome and am having some problems with standing water in my backyard area. It's due to a neighbor on the other side of my fence who has sprinklers, on his side yard that drain straight into my backyard. I would like to use the backyard and eventually put something back there to make the space usable. Currently it's just a whole bunch of dirt and other "organics". I want to fix the standing water issue before I invest in anything else. A little more background… We are the second townhome in a row of 8, we are the second one in from the highest point. The backyard is small to say the least, but think of a square. At one side is our back door, on the opposite side is the neighbor with the sprinklers, and to either side is another townhome like ours. So, now for the questions. I know that there is a drainpipe along the backside of my place that likely runs the length of the 8 home strip and empties to the street. It's what my downspout empties into, it's solid and about 2' underground at most. I'd like to divert the standing water to the drainpipe if possible. I talked with a landscaper who suggested digging a trench along the back fence line then connecting this trench straight down the middle of my yard to the main drainpipe. He suggested grading the sides of my yard to flow into the connection as well. Here is my question, should I use a perforated pipe? If so, am I just introducing more water, now closer to the slab of my house? Should I connect to the main drainpipe with a catch basin? Is it advisable to transition from perforated pipe to solid pipe? My hope is to eventually put a paver patio in this area, so I would think that anything that goes under needs to be able to withstand the weight. Any and all thoughts are welcome and appreciated. I can post pictures if needed. Thanks in advance.

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