Advice: Path + Pea Gravel = Drainage solution?

Hi all – hoping for some advice or solutions for our front yard. Our house is set on a moderate hill. In order to build a level house, the original builders put in some retaining walls above the house and a small retaining wall to support a driveway also above the house. Ultimately what this means is, if you look out from our front porch the left hand side of our yard is set down about 1 foot from the driveway and 1.5 feet from the sidewalk. The right hand side of our front yard is level with the sidewalk.

When it rains, and it rains quite a bit here, the water comes rushing down the pavement and sort of waterfalls into the left hand (uphill) side of the yard, creating a soggy patch. My idea was to kill two birds with one stone and create a pathway heading downhill that has been dug down about 1.5feet and filled with gravel, then pavers on top and pea gravel between the pavers and the edging. My question then, is will the water flow through my pathway downhill just with gravel or do I need to actually capture the water and pipe it through a french drain to get it to flow downhill?

TL;DR looking for a solution to move the water draining from the street into one corner of my yard downhill.

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