Recommendation for fast-growing privacy hedge in full sun, zone 9a

Am buying a new house in east Texas (zone 9a) and the breakfast area looks directly into the ugliest cedar fence I've ever seen. And it's a brand-new house. Any suggestions for something nice that would hide the 6' fence within a few years with minimal need to prune? Pretty much full sun until late afternoon, area is very well drained. Soil is mostly dark gumbo clay. Would want to keep it trimmed at 6' so it doesn't block the sun to my neighbor's yard.

Maybe a vine but I'd prefer something that won't damage the fence over time. Bamboo is nice but I think my neighbor would not be amused if I planted it at the property line.

Was thinking of oleander, which absolutely thrives at my mom's apartment in southern Nevada (up to 120 degrees in summer, full sun) but the poison thing scares me. Am grateful for any comments or suggestions. thanks!

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