Looking for inexpensive edging for area I drive lawn mowers and trailers over

I have a second level deck and I have landscaping rocks under the deck. I use that area to store things like my ATV trailer, lawn tractor and garden trailer. The house has the crappy black plastic edging all the way around and is starting to come out of the ground. I am looking to replace it with something that will (a) look better; (b) be able to be driven over with my previously listed equipment and my ATV; (c) be relatively inexpensive.

Initially, I was thinking a row of pavers would do the trick (plus a mow strip would be nice), but a co-worker thought they would just move around and pull up the more I drive on them. I have tried searching for edging ideas that can be driven on but I cannot find anything. Am I looking for something that doesn't exist? Do any of you have a suggestion?

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