Need advice on a raised patio

Hi there. Just came across this sub and I would really appreciate some advice. I am completely new to this, so I apologize if my terminology is incorrect.

Basically, I have a deck that looks outdated. My plan is to create a gravel or xeriscape patio, but since the ground slopes below part of the house, I thought I would create a raised patio, by basically filling a giant hole with sand and/or gravel.

I'm going to use the deck frame, maybe a tarp or some sort (I don't know if that would work?), and chicken wire against the tarp to prevent any sand and/or gravel from falling out. Then some large rocks outside the deck frame to reinforce the wall. I plan to put gravel first on the ground to help with drainage.

What would be the best to fill the space with? I don't plan to have any plants, so I'm not worried about needing a specific soil for that. But I do plan to put a grill, a hammock and maybe a small canopy out there (if possible), so something that will be sturdy. I've read that silt seems to be pretty favorable, but wanted to get more input.

As far as other information:

Location – Central Texas

Soil Conditions – NA

Which side of your house – Back of the house

Budget – I plan to do everything except for having the sand/gravel delivered

Your experience level – Total newbie

Pictures –

Any advice or suggestions would be helpful! Thanks

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