Question about Retaining Wall

Hello all,

I bought my house about 6 mo the ago, and just recently my retaining wall fell over as seen in the picture here:

I know that it isn't really possible to just put it back up because the tree roots that pushed it over are obviously in the way now. My property line is about 2 ft on the other side of the wall so I have room to work with.

So, my question is, what are the best options here? I don't really want to remove the tree. Is it possible to remove the wall where it fell over until the road and just slope it down?

I am going to be putting up a fence soon and the original plan was to put it against the wall but since it has fallen, that changes things a bit. So, if I just remove the wall there, slope the hill down, and put the fence at the bottom of the hill, would there be any problems with that which I am not thinking of?

Thanks for any help and input!

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