An alternative to torches for lighting a backyard?

I need to find a way to light up a small backyard. I need to be able to have light coming from at least three different corners. I would prefer not to use a single light source because then it would cast shadows, which wouldn't help my vision very much, and wouldn't do much to remove that "walking through dark woods with a flashlight" feel, as I live out in the country.

I want to use torches because I was thinking they would provide just enough light for me to see what I am doing, without blinding me, and would also be inexpensive, while setting a good, relaxing atmosphere. However, I am concerned that if one of them gets knocked over or blown over, they could easily start a fire with all of the foliage nearby.

I've tried looking at some, I guess you would call them solar torches? They're not really torches, but they have that aesthetic to them and provide an orange light. I found some that stick in the ground, from a company called TomCare, but they look a lot like those path lights that don't produce a lot of light, so I am a bit skeptical about sinking $25 ~ $50 into them.

I've considered a really ghetto fix: Strapping metal plates to three trees and taking one of those torch-like flashlights with the magnets on the back, and attaching them to those plates every time I go out there, but I feel like there might be a better way of going about this.

What do you recommend I try for atmospheric, functional, surround lighting for a backyard?

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