If the plant has leaves can it recover?

This is the first summer spent in our home and 3 bushes we have are FINALLY blooming now (this is NY). They fairly woody bushes, about 8-10 feet tall and they are blooming some large white flowers (not many and think they are trumpet shaped). The leaves are fairly small and jagged-looking if I remember correctly. They each have 3-4 large "trunks".

Two of these bushes are doing well. The third… not so much.

I'm thinking the third is doing poorly due to poison ivy at the base and other vines wrapping around parts of it. I even see dead vines remnants in other spots. I think only 1, maybe 2 of the main trunks have any leaves at all. But I'm hopeful I can save the bush.

Obviously the first thing is to clear the ivy and vines and any other plants at the base to allow for the root system to have less competition.

But should I give up on the trunks that lack leaves entirely? I suppose it would depend on the plant? Does a plant with multiple stems like this ever regrow new ones from the base so it can one day be full again or should I just replant another entirely?

Any and all advice appreciate. I know pictures would help but don't have any now.

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