Backyard plant nook ideas? – Australia

Since it's coming to spring in Australia I'm trying to plan out what i want to do in my backyard. I love spending time outside and would like to create a little plant nook that secludes me from the rest of the yard and is large enough to hide a hammock in.. butn ot sure how!

I'm pretty new to gardening and I've never done larger plants, just small pots of flowers. I also live in a rental so it can't really be anything permanent but large pots would be fine.

The area is in full sun (and australian sun at that..) and my backyard layout is like this and while I have no photos of the yard it's completely empty with just grass on the ground.

I want to use the red area I've marked off to do the little nook any ideas on how to make it work? Would it be best with some shrubs in large pots to block off the rest of the yard, some sort of tiered table with different pots of plants on it, a free standing trellis/arch with plants growing on it? I'm open to any ideas.

I don't have a specific budget but I don't want to spend over $300 or so probably and I don't have any building equipment to build any special things. Thanks!!

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