Looking for expertise on our front yard…


Location: Saskatchewan, Canada (prairies- cold winters, hot short summers), soil is well drained, not sandy or clay-ey. The front yard faces south. Zone 2-4 I think.

We just recently moved into our first home. The inside is absolutely the way that we want it, while the yard is a little bit of a mess (the backyard is really nice! But the front requires some work). Since we still have some summer left we are starting to draw up plans and I thought I would ask for some guidance.

I dont think bushes are supposed to be that close to the house? There is a clamatis that I am going to leave. But do I put in more plants?

Im thinking that we will have to do grading on the yard and have looked at other posts on here describing that. Then there are the weeds and giant rocks.

In TL;DR-speak, what do you think would make the front yard more appealing? My parents always had character homes so I feel that the front makes the house look very flat and I would love for the yard to make it more inviting.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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