Need Pruning Advice for a 15′ Multi-Stemmed Magnolia

I have a ~15' Magnolia in my front yard with several main branches. We just moved in so I'm not sure what the situation was, but it looks like they had three trees in that section and kept only the center tree. Right now, there are some branches resting on the house that I need to prune back, but I'm wondering if I should do anything more substantial for the long term health of the tree. There's one branch in particular (highlighted in yellow in the pictures) that's growing horizontally. Should I remove this branch all together? Are there any others that you would recommend removing? It seems like a very healthy tree, but there are definitely some smaller branches just under the cap that seem dead. I'd like to do what I can to ensure sustainable growth. At the moment, it seems like it's starting to suffer under its own weight, largely due to the number of main branches. I don't have much experience with tree pruning so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Pictures of the Tree

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