An attractive way to edge between my yard and neighbors’ lawns?

Pictures of my yard where it edges with neighbors.

I dug out my grass and applied a crabgrass premergent. I also had some grading to fix. As you can see I have dug in a way that exposes the neighbors' grass roots on both sides, as I was told that this would prevent the grass from regrowing to my side. I have a load of arborist chips that are being dropped off later this week and I will be covering up my side with 3-4 inches of arborist chips to help break down my clay soil and weed prevention. Then in the fall, I will putting in landscape plugs of perennials grasses and flowering plants.

However, as you can see from the pictures, 1 neighbor has great grass and the other has terrible dying grass. The edge on the green grass side looks nicer than the other side where the edge is not very clean. Additionally, my edge will be nonexistent should either neighbor choose to remove their grass as well (many are getting rid of grass around here in northern california). So i'm thinking I should put an edge in now. What is an attractive edge that I can use? I learned about Corten steel edging, but I don't know if that only looks good in a modern setting. It ages nicely tho. Are there other edge materials I should look at?

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