Root systems for dwarf fruits

I have a medium sized front yard with a little length and am thinking of putting in 2-3 dwarf fruit trees. Someone told me to check the root structures first in case they could disrupt pavement, walkeways, driveways etc. I did some research and all of these fruit trees if not dwarf can have very invasive roots. However, I'm not sure if the dwarf trees would stay more contained. Would the dwarf versions of the following trees stay small as well? Could I plant them 4 feet away from a solid surface?

  1. dwarf apple tree, max height 8 ft
  2. Black Jack fig, max height 10 ft
  3. dwarf bing cherry, max height 6-8 ft
  4. dwarf bay leaf tree, max height 6-8 ft
  5. dwarf arbutus maximus (strawberry tree), max height 8 ft
  6. dwarf persian mulberry (still looking for this in dwarf, but I think 8-10 ft)

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