Need an affordable, Alabama-friendly bush that is relatively unkillable.

Hi! I live in Central Alabama and I will soon be having the entire part of my yard that borders the front of my house torn up to place a foundation drain. The landscaping company will replace all of the dirt and will plant some standard bushes in the area they tore up. They said that nicer bushes will cost extra and I'm not exactly sure what kind of bush I should have placed here.

See the picture and ignore the crappy Photoshop. I would want bushes where those rose bushes and azalea bushes are now, but FULL. Don't want any space between to grow weeds. I wanted to fill the entire area completely, almost coming all the way up to the sidewalk on the right side of the house, and just filling up the area also on the left side of the house. I want something that is low profile so we're not having to constantly trim it back from covering up our windows. I like the look of juniper or whatever that bushes that looks like a bonsai tree(?)

However I'm way out of my pay grade in this territory. What kind of bush, or groundcover plant, is low profile, and relatively unkillable that will survive in the Alabama climate?

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