French Drain Question

So I am a relatively new homeowner and found out after the snow melted that I have a water drainage problem. I looked online for solutions and found installing a French drain seems to be the way to go.

Ive dug a 60 foot long 2 foot wide 18 inch to 2 foot deep trench. I bought 50 feet of perferated (spelling?) pipe and another 10 feet of just a normal pipe to go the rest of the distance.

I'm ready for the landscaping fabric and washed stone. So a couple questions before I get the rest of my materials…

1) I've watched people online put a small amount of gravel before laying the fabric and pipe down. I dug a crap ton of rock out (my land is apparently full of tons of clay, Stone and ledge). Can I just use this Stone or does it have to be the gravel you get from a landscaper?

2) I've seen some ambiguity in how people do this. I lay the fabric put about six inches of stone down, then the pipe with the holes and then 6 more inches of stone and the wrap it up? Then cover it up top soil? How do I effectively seal this up or is the dirt on top of the fabric enough?

Thanks for the advice ahead of time.

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