Drainage Pipe Underground Not Working?

Our immediate back yard slopes down from our house before rising back up to the crest of a hill. We have a grove of mature maples in this area. Unfortunately, even our water-loving maples can't fully get all the water. I'm sure the clay soil doesn't help.

I noticed a very minor swale running back down the yard but quickly runs into rising land. However, it lines up perfectly where a U shaped ditch had been created at the top of a hill. I recently found out there was a drainage pipe installed here. I had dug around at the top of the ditch and couldn't find a pipe though.

I was also told that the previous owner might have even used a pump at some point to help get water out even.

The 2 maples in this immediately flooded area are certainly stressed by it. One also gets a bit less sun light and has more dying branches than I'd like to see. It's sprouting a lot of new stuff so it seems stressed. The other has roots basically jumping out of the ground to get air. I need to fix this.

Should I dig and find this pipe and redo the drainage entirely? Or perhaps it's just blockage the end I can find? Maybe it's simply the clay soil? Maybe I should think of a pump to do this but that seems like overkill.

Any and all help appreciated. I don't want the water to kill the trees!

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