Help with my palm trees needed!

My wife and I recently purchased our first home in Texas. We have a whole slew of landscaping issues that we are taking care of. However we have some questions about our two palm trees. We are originally midwesterners so we really have no clue about upkeep on a palm tree.

We have two different palm trees pictured in the following link:

From looking at them they seem to be two different types of trees. Any helps in identifying the trees would be greatly appreciated as well.

The one near the house seems as though at least semi took care of it as the fronds aren't all over the place whoever it looks like there are dead chunks left where the fronds were trimmed. My question for this tree is should I remove these dead portions so that the tree can "bark" over in these areas? Also I live in Austin TX so it can get very hot in the summer here, should I wait until fall to do any maintenance as to not harm the tree?

The second tree is at the end of my yard near the sidewalk. It is completely out of control with palm fronds and the fronds hang half way over the side walk. This one also seems to have small berries which the other tree does not. Again, being in Texas can I trim these fronds now or should I wait until the fall as to not harm the tree. I was planning on trimming up to just under the top to make it look like the other tree and prevent it from obstructing the side walk.


I'm and landscaping newbie and need some tips on taking care of my two palm trees. Should I wait to do any work on them until fall when the temperatures are lower being that I live in Texas? Would like to keep them healthy and looking nice and help is greatly appreciated.

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