I need a new front “lawn”.

So, we moved into a new home about a year ago. The grounds were not well-tended, but we thought we could whip it into shape. We are still whipping.

My biggest problem is the lawn. On a 12,000 foot lot with a 1,700 square foot house, there is a lot of grass. This isn't so bad in the rainy season, but over the summer stretch (late-June through mid-September) the lawn goes dormant and turns a not-so-nice brown. This doesn't bother me per se, but I know it looks bad and I don't want my neighbors to have to look at a shitty lawn.

This brings me to my question. In the Pacific Northwest, is there a grass seed that I can put down that will hold it's green in the summer with little watering? Alternatively, is there something i can replace my front lawn with so that it looks better throughout the year?

I see my neighbors watering every day and shudder at the thought of their water bills … but their lawn does look good.

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