Rope light on a patio?

I can't believe nobody has posted about rope light before, but I can't find anything. So I have a patio out in my yard, was thinking about running rope light under the top cap of the wall. Pics attached, the run would be about 30' with 4 right angles.

Red line in the pics is my thought, should I run it down the stairs instead? Any idea how many lumens I need to create ambient light without going overboard?

Plan is to do rope light instead of more typical landscape lights. I'd then run 12V line from the house, and setup some kind of water proof box to run the lights.

Anyone have experience/advice? Will it be bright enough, any recommendations on what brand of lights to run? seems to have good instructions but not sure if there stuff is any good. I have a transformer coming off the house but no light switch so I was going to try and find some kind of water proof box with a switch that I could setup just off the short wall (right side) in the pic.

I'm also wanting to eventually run speakers to the patio, using some kind of amp to drive them which will require a larger water-proof box…

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