Bought a house with runaway bamboo from the neighbors house. How to get rid of it?

ETA: Sorry about any typos. I'm on mobile and doing ten things at once.

I have about a 10×10 area of bamboo shoots, some of them about 2" thick. We hired a landscaper to remove it, which they cleared, but didn't uproot, so now I'm dealing with gearing up for a day of sawing and roundup.

I've been reading up on how to get rid of it, and I'm definitely prepared for this to be a years-long commitment. I just want to make sure I'm going to do this correctly.

My husband has a friend who can lend us one of those digger truck things (sorry, I forget what they're called), but if there's a way I don't have to bother our friends, I'd like to go that route. And I'd also like to create an underground barrier to block the stupid stuff from coming back.

Any tips are much appreciated. Thank you so much!

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