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I was born for this kind of work. I'm a Project Manager for Suffolk Construction in Massachusetts. I handle project collaboration working with various management teams. Define & Schedule all on-site activity, as well as, manage the resources to reach our objectives. I enjoy collaborating with others on projects and I like to stay informed and educated when it comes to all kinds of home improvement and construction projects.

Round-Up alternatives?

I have a gravel bed that gets weeds that are out of control. I've tried the vinegar/dawn/salt method, but it was back in a week and the sprayer got clogged with salt.

I've seen things like Avenger Weed Killer and other citrus/clove-based products, but I'm skeptical.

Does anyone have "natural" weed killing alternatives or any other ideas for keeping a gravel bed free of weeds? A weed barrier did nothing.

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Landscaping Advice

Hello all. I've owned my home for a year now and would like to add some personality to my front yard. I'd like to have a plan on possibly planting some more flowers, removing and adding larger plants (such as that tree), I'm really open to any suggestions or ideas. My neighbors have curved cement stairs instead of my straight walkway, but they have flowers planted on both sides. I'm just not sure how that would look on my walkway. Another thought is to have some plants on the right side of the driveway, where there is a slight slope. Both sides of the driveway and walkways are mine.

I'm located in the North East, so we do have all 4 seasons. The soil is hard and well drained. I don't have a current budget as I am looking for suggestions, but I am not opposed to spending money to make my yard look nice. I'm a beginner in the landscape design/development sense, but I am experienced in actually doing the work. Just excited to finally have a place to call my own and make the decisions!

Thank you all in advance!

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Drainage for fire pit – does it water need to get to daylight?

I am building a paver stone fire pit. I'm trying to figure out best way to approach drainage… especially considering I have clay soil. It will certainly fill with water without active effort.

I was already going to line the base with small stones (marble chips to be exact) but thinking I should do one of two things:

  1. dig an especially deep hole in the center (maybe only half the diameter of the inner pit) and fill that with the stone. I can also grade the soil inside the pit towards the hole slightly. If it can retain enough water down low that it slowly seeps into the earth… then I'm good?

  2. Perhaps still have a bit of a hole but utilize a drain pipe (perforated?) to pitch it outside the fire pit and to daylight. Fortunately, the pit is somewhat at the top of a slope so I do have somewhere to lead the water off downwards and into the woods.

The first option is easier but I'll do the second if it is the more effective approach. I don't know though.

What do you guys think?

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