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I was born for this kind of work. I'm a Project Manager for Suffolk Construction in Massachusetts. I handle project collaboration working with various management teams. Define & Schedule all on-site activity, as well as, manage the resources to reach our objectives. I enjoy collaborating with others on projects and I like to stay informed and educated when it comes to all kinds of home improvement and construction projects.

Anybody do little landscapes?

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To All a Great Gift: Something for Everyone!

Tick, tock, it’s time to holiday shop! Give family and friends gifts as special as they are. HomeGoods has so many presents that are small on price but big on thoughtfulness. From whimsical stocking stuffers to toys to gourmet foods & sweets, you’ll find something for everyone on your list (and maybe even a few for yourself!), all at incredibly low prices. Here are just a few ideas.

For Pets & Their People

Treat the feline fans & dog devotees on your list with food & water bowls, pretty accessories, chew toys and even cute sweaters. Get creative with presentation, and expect plenty of purrs & wagging tails! You’ll also find unexpected pet-themed accessories. Fetching holidays at amazing savings are one HomeGoods’ store visit away!

For Foodies, Chefs & Bakers

Honor your favorite chef or baker with gourmet items, kitchen tools, and cookware, creatively pulled together in a pot or basket. Try a themed gift, like all Italian, or baking, Include a gift card to make it even more special. Great gifting is all about the perfect ingredients, and HomeGoods is all about finding them at incredibly low prices! Buon Appetito!

For the Joy of Toys!

Make their holidays magical! From plush and wooden toys, puzzles, crafts, books and games galore, we’ve got something for kids of all ages!. At HomeGoods’ prices you can fill stockings to the brim, pile presents high, and grant all kinds of holiday wishes. It’s festive fun for so much less!

For Dads & Dudes

What to get the guys who have every gizmo and gadget there is? Make high-tech highly personal with cool gifts from HomeGoods. Find phone and tablet cases and Bluetooth speakers for blasting his streaming music service.

For Hosts & Guests

For gracious hosts and welcome guests, create a small basket of soaps and lotions, or indulge their love of coffee with beans, mugs and a cozy blanket. Small, thoughtful things are always appreciated, and HomeGoods has so many to choose from!

For Last-Minute Gifters

Busy lives often lead to last-minute gifting. For a few fun ideas, try a water-bottle for sporty types, a playful phone charger for those on the go, or a pretty journal and travel accessories for budding writers and explorers.  And of course, you can never go wrong with a HomeGoods gift card! Let them choose what they love, and they’ll love it (though adding chocolate never hurts)!


With so many gifts to choose from, holiday shopping can be a happy occasion unto itself! Are you ready? We’ll see you at HomeGoods for amazing savings on festive finds for every one of your friends and family.

How much is artistry a component of landscaping? (Intuitive, not taught)

My sense of the conventional landscaping business (which I have little formal knowledge of) is that it is a combination of having extensive knowledge of plants and how to grow them (nutrient requirements, etc.) and the design skills to plot out a landscape for an entire property.

I surmise the latter is where artistry would enter, though I understand there is an extensive body of knowledge and prescribed practices for designing gardens.

How much does artistry come to play here?

(I do garden art in Hawaii, mostly with rocks and plant arrangements. Also do rocks paths and trails. Areas are mostly no larger than a square 100 by 100 feet. No formal training.

People are happy with my work, which is a hobby I do on the side. On many properties I have worked on the owners have sometimes done their own landscaping projects as good as mine [but rarely better. Of course I am biased!])

It seems the commodity of striking landscape design can sometimes be done without formal training and just an artistic eye. If I am mistaken I am happy to hear dissent.

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First landscaping job – best ways to learn skills in my free time?

Hi all, I just got a new landscaping job and I'm super stoked on it, it feels great to work outside and I enjoy using my body and problem solving skills every day. I had some pretty basic skills going into the job, from basic home DIY stuff to working for AmeriCorps for 2 years doing environmental restoration. However, I haven't done much hardscaping, there's tools I'm unfamiliar with, and we also install cisterns which involves a lot of things I don't fully understand like plumbing.

When I was hired they said they encouraged learning on the job, so I was really excited to learn how to do all these things. Unfortunately, the crew supervisor is NOT a good teacher. Like, really really horrible. When I asked him to show me how to do a flagstone path, he mumbled a few things, tossed some sand on the ground, and told me to level it. He's also encouraged some things that go against the basic safety training I've had.

I'm wondering if y'all have any recommendations on learning these skills in my own time. I've done some youtube searches but there's a lot of subpar content on there so recommended channels would be awesome. I've considered taking some classes at the community college but that would mostly be for stuff like soil sciences and plant ID. I've been told learning basic carpentry and masonry is a good idea. Any book recommendations?

I will probably look for another job eventually but I want to expand my skills and flesh out my resume before I do that. When I'm planting or building gardens I'm really happy and I like my coworkers, so it's worth staying for the time being.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Update on Coral Bark Maples!

So I went up to pick these guys up and as soon as I saw this lady’s house my face lit up because she had an amazing landscape and garden. I ended up just buying 4 of them because I don’t quite have a lot of room in my vehicle but I couldn’t pass these up. I intended on taking three off her hands for $45 but she ended up just saying to take the four she had out for the same price so I couldn’t say no. I have these pictures for now. I’m not gonna touch them until spring. They range from 3’-4’ from the base to the canopy. The root balls are tight and in burlap but the trees themselves look healthy and happy. The grafts look better on two than they do on the others but with time I hope those will heal better. I’m excited because she said she’s moving so maybe I can score some more deals down the road!

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Irrigation Leaks – GPM

Just bought a new house and the previous owner was a little old lady who wasn't all there. We kept her settings for the irrigation system and got our first water bill at $600!!! The math works out the way she had it set: 2 sides of the yard, 25 min each, for a 34-day cycle. Assuming 21 gpm for the 1/2" irrigation line with leaks, and it comes to 35,000 gallons. We found 5 leaks in the 1/2" line and a dozen or so 1/4" lines that were uncapped.

Anyway, here's a video of a leaky line- any educated guesses on how much water this was leaking in GPMs?

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