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I was born for this kind of work. I'm a Project Manager for Suffolk Construction in Massachusetts. I handle project collaboration working with various management teams. Define & Schedule all on-site activity, as well as, manage the resources to reach our objectives. I enjoy collaborating with others on projects and I like to stay informed and educated when it comes to all kinds of home improvement and construction projects.

Question about rear tine tiller.

I have a Craftsman model 917.294261 rear tine tiller. It seems to have a 3"-4" wide gap in the middle that does not get tilled. Other tillers I've seen have a bar your drop to break this bit up, but my model doesn't. It only has a depth guide. Is this normal, or am I missing something?

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any suggestions on a shirt to wear out in the sun 24/7?

bit of a oddball question but I'm looking for recommendations on an outdoor shirt to wear. I spend all day out mowing yards so the atlanta sun is just wrecking havoc on me. been using PFG's for awhile but this humidity just turns them into sopping sweaty shirts. tank tops are nice but I'm getting that farmers tan even with sunscreen. shirtless is cool but.. not very professional. anything I should try out? appreciate!

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